10 Interesting Facts of Heritage Lukshmi Vilas Palace

Why Lukshmi Vilas Palace is Heritage? Lukshmi Vilas Palace  is in Vadodara,Gujarat, India.It was constructed by the Gaekwad, a Maratha family, who ruled the Baroda State. Lukshmi Vilas Palace was styled on the Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture, in 1890 it was built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III.The cost of that was GBP 180,000 (Rs.27,00,000 in 1890). It is reputed to […]

Here are 10 things must experience Goa Once in Life

Here are the 10 things must experience Goa…. Goa is known for its massive beaches, palm trees, lush forest, rivers, churches, delicious food, parties and a unique culture that’s a mix of Indian and Portuguese.  Goa is not a city but it’s a state (or a province) that are divided in many zones.   But not […]

The House of MG, Ahmedabad – Hospitality with heritage

The House of MG, Ahmedabad – Hospitality with heritage A trip to Ahmedabad happened to us quite by accident. I’m going to put my travel reputation on the line here and admit we ended up on this trip due to a flight sale on non-refundable tickets, an incorrect google maps search and basic blundering on […]

9 Adventures in India you must try at least once in your lifetime

From Roopkund Trek to Mysore Skydiving, 9 adventures you should experience before you die.