Everyone loves to travel but everybody is also not that rich to afford to take a tour wherever one desires. But there are few ways in which you can not only have a great experience but also save comparatively. All you need is to be smart while planning a trip. Here are few tips to help you in having a holiday but on a budget.

Deciding the Location

The first question which needs to be answered while planning any trip is where to go? Decide your destination on the basis of which month you wish to travel. There is always a peak season for any destination when the rates of hotels are super high and flights are costly. However there are few months when the weather is good enough and you can get a hotel in almost half a price. For instance, you can book a resort in Maldives in Half price during the month of November or April as against the peak months from Dec – March. The weather is good and you will save a huge deal from it. So pick your destination accordingly.

SAY NO TO packages

From my experience, I always suggest not to go for packages. Some packages offered by various travel agencies may seem lucrative but there are pretty good chances you can save some bucks if you do all the booking and planning yourself. With all the online options available you can easily book your flights and hotels with best deals. I never pre-book my excursions because there is always a local and cheaper option available at the said location. You just need to do a little bit of research about the things to do and must visit places and you are good to go. This will not only help you in saving but you also get the freedom to explore the place on your own.  In this way, you can avoid going to some routine places which are not much worthy of your time and have a quality time spent elsewhere. But yes many a time due to group booking some travel agents may offer packages at a much reasonable price and you should not say no to that. Just do the math before going for any package and choose the one with most savings.

Deals and Offers

Subscribe to the newsletters and emails of all the airline companies and travel websites. I know you don’t like spamming your mailbox with unwanted mails but subscribing to these will keep you updated about any ongoing offers and deals. You never know you might get something when you need the most.


Yes, Bargain! When I visited Bali bargaining was one thing which I did the most. There was a scope of bargaining in every activity, from shopping to excursions. Being a tourist, people expect you to pay more as you are unaware of the local price trends and ask for double the price. I bought a slipper for 20000 IDR as against asking price of 100000 IDR. Yeah this was the level of bargaining I needed to do. So always be prepared for it.

Do your research

Always do your research before visiting any destination. Read reviews of the people who have visited the place earlier and learn from their experiences. You should know about the rules of the place, its visa procedures, things to do and not to do in public etc. It might solve many of your questions as well.

Let’s live up, stay updated and happy traveling people!


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